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Quality products combined with the animal welfare, as well as the effort to support local food production were the main factors leading us to set up this one-of-a-kind and largest free-range chicken farm in Slovakia. Our goal is to ensure that chickens enjoy high standards of welfare and that they feel as happy as if roaming free in the wild. Simultaneously, we want to make sure that they receive good care. And last but not least, eggs from such breeding offer a higher level of organic and natural nutrition.

The Pipihome farm is located in western Slovakia at the premises of the Horné Suroviny agricultural estate. We have built an ideal home for our chickenswhere we are committed to provide the highest possible standards of quality of life and animal welfare.

On our farm, hens have up to 15 hectares of free-range outdoor enclosure to forage that includes winter gardens and various shelters when they want to relax or hide from the sun.

The main inhabitants of our farm are the hens from the Lohmann Brown breed
who are introduced to the farm at the age of 17 weeks.

Every day, we provide them with maximum care and our farmers take care of their comfort and safety. For our chickens, we have built an indoor hall for egg-laying, feeding and resting, as well as a winter terrace with all-day access, which means that they are not limited in their foraging and roaming instincts and may go out to the fresh air even in bad weather. They can also roam freely over wide green area enclosures.

Moreover, farmers put great emphasis on nutrition – our hensare fed on a varied, high-quality fodder that is rich in vitamins and minerals and is regularly modified to provide for their most up-to-date needs (taking into account their weight, age, season, etc.)

6 pcs./M-L

Free-rangeorganic quality eggs from a Slovak ecological chicken farm.

Quality class: A

10 pcs.

Eggs of varied size

Free-rangeorganic quality eggs from a Slovak chicken farm.

Quality class: A

The breeding hall is equipped with a fully automated aviary breeding technology which is controlled by a computer and provides the hens with an ideal supply of food and water, plenty of light, fresh air and, last but not least, gives them ample time to rest and sleep. The breeding cycle begins with the delivery of laying hens, which arrive at our estate from the breeding farm at the age of 17 weeks. Individual breeding cycles are planned for a period of 13-15 months. Technological breaks are planned between the individual cycles of breeding. These are used to remove faeces and bedding in the hall, to wash, disinfect and perform pest control of the internal surfaces of the hall and ventilate the premises.

The pursuits in the breeding hall are closely linked to another newly built premises – the egg-sorting line. Immediately after laying, the produced eggs are transferred from the breeding hall to the sorting plant, where they will undergo a quick sorting process, UV disinfection, labelling and packaging so that they are ready for immediatedelivery to our customers – so that consumers can get our eggs while they are still entirely fresh.

In the region of Záhorie, located in the tiny village of Húšky, we breed our hens on the largest organic farm in Slovakia. Almost two thousand happy hens live in the free-range enclosure while we feed them exclusively with organic fodder supplemented with green feed. It is also very important that hens enrich their diet with animal components too, such as various insects, which they can find much more easily when provided free-range enclosure to forage and roam, than in any other type of chicken farming.

Many studies have demonstrated that organic eggs contain more vitamin D because hens are exposed to sunlight in their outdoor enclosures, unlike in cage farming.

Interest in organic eggs is continually increasing, because in addition to health benefits, this breeding is also more humane, and our customers show a growing concern for this factor. Indeed, the tendency to return to nature and respect for living creatures also affects consumer decisions and purchasing behaviour.

What makes eggs healthy and beneficial?

Eggs contain choline, which helps improve memory, mood, muscle control, and other brain functions. In fact, eggs are very close to being an ideal sustenance. They contain a bit of almost every nutrient you need, except for vitamin C. If we had nothing else to eat, we would comfortably survive on eggs combined with some source of vitamin C.

They contain powerful antioxidants that prevent age-related eye damage. These substances are called lutein and zeaxanthin. They counter the degenerative processes that could eventually impair your vision.

Egg yolk contains a certain amount of vitamin D (8.3% of recommended daily dose), a vital nutrient that contributes to bone health and immunity. Eggs contain iodine and selenium, which are essential nutrients that our body needs to synthesize thyroid hormones.

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